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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 8, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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berkeley police about accusations that they used execcessive force, >>we are looking into some of the allegations that have been made. >>whoosh >>peaceful protest >> grant:the man attacked with a hammer as he tried to stop looters last night. condition. >>whoosh >> grant:emotions running high in san jose as niners and raiders mix it up at levi's stadium >>whoosh >> grant:the bay area gets ready for a new and possibly destructive winter storm. find out what you need to know to get ready and what scientists are saying about the prospects for a wet winter. >>whoosh >> grant:and if you're confused by all the claims for smartphone air travel apps. tech reporter gabe slate shows you which ones will ease you through from check=in to boarding gate. >> grant:this is a full hour
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of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine: good evening, i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine: mass protests in berkeley for the third straight night. we've seen a bart station shut down. objects hurled at police. >> catherine: grant lodes is watching it all. grant? >> grant:caught on camera last night in berkeley -- a ferocious attack. a man trying to prevent destruction during demonstrations. >> grant: this is happening right now for the last few hours as protesters made their way through the streets. our station is closed down for it. >> grant: thank you for your time officer can you give us a an update?
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>> the main group has march down good university which is fifth street we have had a couple of groups kind of splintered and walked down the freeway. we do still have protesters walking in the house or marching in the university area. >> grant: how tough is it to keep people off the interstate? >> have courted with c h p to do what we can with what is going on right now with the freeway. right now the march has been relatively peaceful. unfortunately, this situation on the freeway is putting people in danger. >> grant: last night we did see vandalism and violence pricked their work things that were thrown at the police is anything like that
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going on right now? when >> have may 1st all rest so far. relatively this crowd has marched peacefully for us to carry it >> grant: in has to be tough sometimes for officers. >> to continue to handle situations when they come up in serve this community most of our officers have been professional. >> grant: if you protesters are on the freeway right
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now. what is the process to move for working with the chp and the police department. try to assist one another on this case. we are in contact with them. we are trying to work out the best plan for the overall safety of everyone involved. >> grant: thank you, we appreciate your time to talk with us an update us on this situation will we started this broadcast a couple of dozen people have stopped traffic on interstate 880. hands up and do not shoot has been a rallying cry. traffic is fully stopped corporate debt is westbound
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880 patrick people are out on the freeway and it looks to beat 100 now. >> catherine: you were right, grant. there were a few people but now it seems to be more people and we did see a few people out there at least one officer or maybe more but suddenly, there has managed to have managed to get a large group. maybe a dozen of people causing problems. it's hard to tell because of good dark and desperate-- darkness >> grant: you can see the numbers are increasing and the crowd continues to concord there are about 500 may be more by some
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estimates marching through the streets of berkeley right now. the station in berkeley has shut down. the bart system. two weeks ago of the ruling in ferguson came down parent and there were rows in oakland that were shut down. fiat 80. so it has been a tactic that protesters have used and not just here in the bay area but also throughout the country and the manhattan york was shut down. >> catherine: there was a another group of officers
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try to keep certain areas open. but there are any to but there is not a large group of protesters that our marching creek c h p in the offices are trying to get a handle on this. it does look like a safety issue. this is really a mess. >> grant: some good news, traffic is starting to inch more accurate with protesters starting to clear. in certain locations. onto interstate 880 current police officers have responded to keep people off the interstate but it is a tall order. they go across interstate 880 and into the
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university avenue creek and the off ramps as well have been blocked off to keep the protesters from blocking on and off the interstate. >> catherine: i am afraid that they have tried to make it look easy, grant. it would start to interfere with traffic and drivers again, it is the potential dangers the chelation and they have as we said they have really stopped traffic in both directions. over the bridge and universities on ramps and all plants. when will that their officers they have clearly managed to get on rumpus creek it was not a big problem tonight. so the question is, and went
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and how they will get them off? we do see motorcycles and vehicles bridge is kind of hard to tell of the gathering. but they must have a plan creek that could take awhile in regard to trying to get them off. what traffic. >> grant: the large group has broken off into sections of people. you see protesters on the shoulders with the cars inching past. the bill calls are stuck in traffic as the officers tried to keep people or
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protesters off the freeway but it is hard. >> catherine: we see them in the middle of traffic waving their arms at stake oncoming traffic. it does appear that at least we have the more on the shoulder so i guess that is some progress. we do have some traffic moving somewhat. maybe they are beginning to make progress. things were divided over the weekend in we do know that buildings were vandalized we have people or a man being hit by a hammer from looters. we are seeing large groups. that is the
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pedestrian replied there grant? >> grant: yes, there it is. >> grant: this is garnering most of our attention right now. with this ongoing traffic issue. we have mentioned that the group of 500 or so have split up. there is issue going on right now that is blocking all traffic in berkeley creek it is not just the freeway people that the police are dealing with a creek without a major intersection that is blocked off. stopping interstate traffic. it is not unique to the bay area and has happened in chicago, washington d.c. and anny york. and new york. you will
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get attention when you start to block intersections creek that is one tactic that the protesters used to get their point across. the two grand jury decisions in the last two weeks with one at ferguson and the other in new york creek where the police officers were not indicted by the grand jury followed by the murder of an unarmed african-american. >> catherine: it looks like some traffic movement now. it seems to be moving better accurate we are not seen the people right out in the middle of 880 as we initially did see waving arms and stopping cars. and looks like it are beginning to crowd them and there is a huge police presence from
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stopping people from getting on creek traffic is slow in one direction. it is starting to look a little better that they had before. >> grant: all westbound lake are moving almost normally --westbound lane. east about 80 is still on the shoulder with people. people are shouting and the protesters shot in black lives a matter. --shouting. >> catherine: is becoming a
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for around $329 a month. >> grant: shutting down traffic in both directions of interstate 8803 it uc large police presence with 100 people marching through berkeley tonight. you will continue to follow this issue as it is a significant one. you see this uc this am berkeley at interstate 880. >> catherine: part of 680 is closed because of a suicidal person on an overpass which has been going on for hours.
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we were told that in both directions of 680 was closed because people or police were trying to talk the individual down. the traffic backed up stretching miles in both directions. moving a little bit it is so very slow. we will continue to track developments here and bring you the latest developments occurre >> grant: eventually alameda sheriff's deputies roll up and detained this individual and the niners jersey. it was a big game
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>> jacqueline: late wednesday through all of thursday we will see the incredible rainfall totals ranging from 3 to 8 in. in the hills and higher to rain and mountain spirit strong plant as the storm pushed through with a gust of 240 to 60 mi. per hour. we will take a look at the futurecast at 8:00 in the
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evening the rain will approach. >> jacqueline: periods of more moderate and heavy rain and the core of the front here. plenty of moderate rain south and down to the delta in east bay. if this doll or move slowly through the bay area we will see significant flood for virtually the entire bay area because of the heavy rainfall. of course, we do have issues separate storm drain getting blocked up. gusty winds will also be a problem. taking down trees
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and power lines. so keep in mind to keep flashlights handy. >> jacqueline: stock up on your sand bags. all the areas highlighted here on the screen we are expecting one to three kelly snow and the higher terrain secret >> jacqueline: dry much of wednesday but thursday and into friday significant storm to impact the bay area please prepare now pretty well have gusty winds.
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>> reporter: this is the 50th anniversary that is not lost. >> the event that sets it
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off is not necessarily (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: start fires and still thinks. people protesting in berkeley soon turned into something not peaceful because the group's bid on destroying things hijacked the march. >> stanley: protesters started to keep the peace were attack creek >> stanley: so the protesters would devices
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attack the people and damaged property patrick >> stanley: then claimed a victim as the police came in to disperse the crowd. so >> stanley: please explain to me why running out of whole foods and still in champaign is a way to explain what is wrong in the york? >> stanley: all people are born to worry about is what happened in berkeley is regarding to the-and destruction. perpetrating violent. >> stanley: everyone has the right to protest in a
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peaceful manner it is a part of our constitutional right. to be clear is not with the legal protesters is the ones that are destroying everything. and berkeley stanley roberts kron4 newsprint >> catherine: berkeley bart station is closed. we would just informed that they were blocking an amtrak train. stay with us. here's some news you may find surprising.
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we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
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>> jacqueline: this is a far
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cry from what we will see later in the week. whether headline is cloudy but mainly in the 50 degree temperatures. we will still be in the '60s. staying dry as well. later thursday will receive bay significant storm that will impact the bay area. >> jacqueline: we will see heavy rain with this storm system. starting a run six and continuing into the in o'clock hour with the moderate to heavy rain along the front and gusty wind. moderate rain moving to the delta and then through the east and south bay by one. we will see incredible rainfall totals expecting one to it 8 in. of rain
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depending on where you are and what elevation you are at. the hills and mountains in were from 4 to 8 in.. 7 in. in certain locations. to 3 in. in san francisco with a flood watch for the entire bay area. >> jacqueline: do not try to drive through these floods people please, go all around! it could be several hours before you get to power that print keep your flashlight handy. thursday that is when the rain in small snow will move in and out with higher elevations at 3 ft. of snow. here is a
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look at the extended forecast of one huge storm on the horizon creek thursday and to friday with several inches of rain, power outages and floods. >> grant: protesters on interstate 80 and off interstate 80. you see a good number of people blocking the deal calls. we would try to get that that we kw that bart has been stuck for hours and out amtrak is the impact as well. crowds were splintering off into separate groups after being a total of over 500 people. people are also on the tracks. a truck has been
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part on the tracks blocking an amtrak train. we have been watching this all evening. eastbound 80 is now blocked we do have new video these images are now banned. there were individuals and a vehicle. --images now avail >> catherine: you are right, grant. protesters are back on 280. but we also see a strong police presence but they are starting yet again to corral and get them off. they were told to get off on the side of the 80.
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>> grant: uc it kind of stuttering going in and out. and number of protesters by my estimate a dozen or back out on to east interstate 80 >> grant: stopping amtrak with a bill also. with a vehicle. >> catherine: the violent protesters that are tearing down fencing and that is how they are continuing to get on the freeway. police are trying to get to them to make them stop. there are clearly trying to get the area cleared it is a strong police presence. it's just that in this state are that.
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--protesters are back! >> grant: as we continue to look live here at pictures of the protesters on interstate 80 and to go back to video now. an hour ago a crowd of a number of numbers for it uc the marching through the st of berkeley. the bart station downtown has been shut down for all worse. it remains closed. for hours. no
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reports of widespread vandalism. some things have been hurled at police officers but it had not been that intense. showing an ongoing bout tout him situation here. >> til >> catherine: southbound direction will remain closed with no estimate of opening. but all kind of traffic problems due to protesters' right here in berkeley. >> grant: this is what we saw at the top of the hours of protesters first climbed over the fence anchor it
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hear from a short time ago but we will stay on top of this situation with gary coming up with sports. as we take a short break we will be right back.
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>> catherine: 2 protesters are back on its eastbound 80 they just keep tearing down fences. stay with us and will have the latest development.
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>> grant: lee continue with updates from interstate 80. east and west bound people are just walking around cars
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have stopped. police have had items thrown at them. fences have their breakdown in order for people to get on to the interstate. this first happened after in o'clock and we have brought it to you live while we were talking to the spokesperson for the berkeley police department. protesters want to ask three then several dozen start walking in front of cars creek milling about the cars. chanting all types of things. whose tax dollars? our tax dollars! >> catherine: this is what we have seen several hours ago. some of them walking are round or through the cars with traffic coming to a halt that c h p and the
8:57 pm
police department managed to crawl around them but they are back. tisch police are trying to figure out where they are located and by the were more of them are getting and on interstate 80. >> catherine: we want to mention again that there are--the protesters have managed to stop an amtrak train in its tracks. the amtrak train is not going anywhere where the bill will stop on the tracks what individuals blocking its past. --path >> catherine: chp and police are just not able to get a handle on this.
8:58 pm
>> grant: the bart station was able to reopen patrick that was blocked or shut down for several hours today. >> grant: trains will be able to stop at the berkeley bart station. nicosia if you card to managed to inch abide. they may be c h p cruisers or, at that are allowing one lane of vehicles to go by. or moving slowly >> catherine: moving slowly. so that is something. we have just heard that the amtrak train is still blocke what is happening on 80 is really a mess and the amtrak train has not been able to clear people which is the biggest
8:59 pm
trouble there is a truck blocked on the tracks. >> catherine: we are still trying to stay with it to bring you more information as possible. more or less in one place and police to get or keep their eyes on them but the problem really began with breaking off from one group to many groups. that is that picture again with protesters blocking the contract to train and it is still sitting sitting there. they do not know what to do. the amtrak train is still blocked tonight grant. >> grant: the see the photos that was taken up to 50 minutes ago. it seems as though a significant crowd has joined the people on the track it is not just one
9:00 pm
person or one truck there is a significant element to this. to this situation. most people are marching through the streets of berkeley. and then in the last half an hour or so the crowd started to go off and branch off into different directions. at least in the night unfortunately, kathryn it starts to get violent. >> catherine: due to obstruction in figuring the obstruction are the protesters that is the latest from capitol where the train is blocked. they have


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